How would you like to have an internet radio station created by the professionals at The New Normal and customized specifically for your business?

Imagine a professionally programmed internet radio station with music that your customers love 24/7…but with only one message? Yours! A targeted music stream that can play right at your business as well as in the homes and smartphones of your customers with timely messages about special sales, events, and news about your business. A station your most loyal customers can share with friends through their own Facebook pages or webpages.

  • Ever been inside a Subway sandwich shop where the customers in line can hear a radio playing a commercial for Quizno’s? Ever been in a Mercedes showroom where customers hear a jazz radio station suddenly playing a commercial for a Lexus dealer? Isn’t that crazy? If you’re selling BMWs, for example, you don’t want the words Lexus or Mercedes to be heard, period.
  • Do you play music in your place of business that doesn’t include marketing of your products and services gently inserted into the music mix? Just some CDs, perhaps? Aren’t you missing a marketing opportunity at the very moment people are actually going to spend money?
  •  When your customers come to your coffee shop or wine tasting room, they tend to linger. If your customers like to hang around your place for hours, do you use your music feed to gently reinforce the branding of your business? When your customers leave, wouldn’t they like to take the vibe of your place with them when they go? What if your customers could be reminded of their experience everywhere they go? And what if they could stay informed about upcoming specials or events at your place of business? What if you could remind your customers on a regular basis to come back time and time again without hard-sell marketing? Not everyone responds to tweets, you know.
  • Imagine a political candidate in an environment where the opposition can never run an ad? Say, an all-Barack Obama election year format? Or an all-Sarah Palin format? How about a “Proposition 423” format where all commercial messages are in favor of or against a particular issue? Over-the-air radio stations are obligated to provide ad availablity to all sides of the issue. We aren’t.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a high-end automobile dealer, a professional sports team, a casino, a café, a travel agency, or even a tobacco company. We will produce a professional 24/7 internet radio station that will keep your business top-of-mind with customers and prospective customers. No competitors allowed. No undesirable content. No begging the sales manager of your local radio station to give you value-added services or free spots. All of the spots belong to YOU. We create the station to your specifications with our professionals guiding you every step of the way. And, with our HTML software, your station can play right from your business’s website, and even from within marketing emails that you send to prospective customers.

Imagine the marketing possibilities of an internet radio station with the music your customers love and the one and only message that counts 24/7. Yours! If you want an internet radio station custom designed just for your business, call The New Normal right now for details at (818) 52-RADIO. That’s (818) 527-2346. (818) 52-RADIO. Or write us at